Water Series Session: Developing a Woodland Water Code, what do buyers and investors want from water credits?

15th February, 1200 – 1300

Join the team at Forest Research developing a Woodland Water Code, for one of our winter sessions, part of our ‘Water Series: Options for Developing a Market for the Water Environment’.

This lunchtime seminar will be an interactive session, providing an overview of the proposed approach for creating water credits through a Woodland Water Code and a discussion on the key drivers and barriers for investing in woodlands for water.

Briefing note outlining the key discussion topics.

Who should attend: Anyone who is interested in investing in woodlands for water.

Registration link: https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/ZzWSG70HwUqF8kXtom2DfA,tGtdjjx2ckehNyiqgXdDtA,pibsLIEPmUCNuRrZV19m3w,tfQHjlK8WESAWzcJfLif0g,M5_XG3W3nUiRY4qZzXoNeg,AmsdIkLZrkyHuD8z5-Wa_A?mode=read&tenantId=1b923567-07bd-4ac1-85f2-45eda26d837c